It all started with dream…dorky?

Yes! But it is true.

In the heart of Sweden, on a beach with the kids, a dream was formed. A dream do something that was good for them. Something to give to them with pride and a clean conscience. A way of life, a life that does good for you and for others. A tasty, sustainable life.

In short – Here to deliver tasty, organic and vegan snacks that fit into your life.

So it is quite simple really. More of the good stuff, less of the bad.

We also try too promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. We like to get our moves on in this ape-body that we are set to guide through our wonderful time on this rock-ball hurling through space in mind-boggling speed.

That is it.


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Save the jungles & the coolest apes

The Bobono ape, our closest living relative, is a sociable, cool and playful lover of life. Female bonobos have the greatest influence on the troop and, smart as they are, they’re also picky about what they put in their mouths. Their natural choice? Well, the Bonobo eat mainly plant-based products, much like this tasty organic and vegan treat. It’s something that all bonobos — and humans — know is great both for your health and the environment. Enjoy!

But all is not nice and dandy. The bonobos and their habitat are under threat. If you have the means, your support would be of great use.

Read more about the bonobo at WWF