Family outweighs celebrities for eating habits

Today children and teenagers are being bombarded with messages from celebrities in social media and other channels. The results from a survey covering how influencers impact children’s eating habits however provides a sigh of relief for any worrying parent. Research from the British Nutrition Foundation shows that children still look to close family members to set an example for their diet.


However, it’s only natural that young peoples’ role models shift with age. The results show that 37 % of 7–10 year olds rate family as their healthy eating role models, but only 23 % of 14–16 year olds do. When it comes to celebrity role models, only 6 % of 7–10 year olds look up to celebrities but, by the age of 14–16, this rises to 16%.

Save the jungles & the coolest apes

The Bobono ape, our closest living relative, is a sociable, cool and playful lover of life. Female bonobos have the greatest influence on the troop and, smart as they are, they’re also picky about what they put in their mouths. Their natural choice? Well, the Bonobo eat mainly plant-based products, much like this tasty organic and vegan treat. It’s something that all bonobos — and humans — know is great both for your health and the environment. Enjoy!

But all is not nice and dandy. The bonobos and their habitat are under threat. If you have the means, your support would be of great use.

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